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The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 18. Georgetown Lutheran Church will hold services at 12:15 pm and 7:30 pm. Each will offer time for reflections and confession, the imposition of ashes, and the meal of holy communion.

This is the Year of Mark in our Lutheran lectionary cycle, and here at GLC it will be the center of our sermons for the next few months. Mark is generally assumed to be the earliest gospel to be written and a source used by both Matthew and Luke as they prepared to write their later versions of the story of Jesus.

Beginning with the opening verses of the gospel of Mark on January 11, we will be moving through the story from start to finish, from the baptism of Jesus to the empty tomb. We will be taking the stories in the order in which they occur. This is different from the normal lectionary pattern which focuses on seasonal themes and interrupts the flow of Mark's story with readings from the gospel of John.

The preaching schedule for the season of Epiphany is as follows:

  • Feb 18

    - PANCAKE SUPPER 6:00 p.m. before Ash Wednesday service.
    - Ash Wednesday services. Worship at 12:15 and 7:30 p.m.

  • Feb 22

    First Sunday in Lent

  • Mar 1

    "Holy Communion in the ELCA" after the 10 o'clock worship

  • Mar 3

    Way Forward committee meeting

  • Mar 8

    GLC Clean-up Day. After 10:00 service. Pizza lunch provided

  • Mar 10

    Church Council Meeting 7:15 p.m.

  • Mar 13

    Stories for the Soul 1:00 p.m. Georgetown Public Library

  • Mar 15

    "Holy Communion in the ELCA" after the 10 o'clock worship

  • Mar 27

    National Broadway Chorus concert 8:00 p.m.

  • Mar 29

    Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. Services at 8:30 and 10:00

  • Apr 2

    Maundy Thursday Service at 7:30 pm

  • Apr 3

    Good Friday Service at 7:30 pm

  • Apr 5

    - Easter Sunday Services 8:30 and 10:00
    - Egg Hunt at 9:15

  • Apr 12

    Celebration Brunch

  • Apr 24, 25

    French Market Day in Georgetown. Church open to visitors

Dear Friends in Christ

We’ve entered the season of Lent.  We’re moving toward Jerusalem with Jesus and his disciples.  Their arrival will be remembered on Palm Sunday, March 29, and usher us into the holiest week of the Christian calendar.  We’ll have worship services on April 2nd to honor the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples before his arrest and trial; we’ll ponder his death on a cross on April 3rd; and we’ll celebrate his resurrection on April 5th.

Most Christians know this part of the story well.  The events of Holy Week and Easter – as well as the birth of Jesus that we celebrate at Christmas – are the touchstones of the story that shapes our faith.

But this year, our gospel readings come from the book of Mark – and, surprisingly, Mark does not tell a single story of the miraculous birth of Jesus.  Nor does he tell us about any appearances that Jesus made after his resurrection – at least not in the oldest manuscripts we have of this gospel.  In later centuries more verses were added to emphasize the resurrection story, since many believed those verses had simply been lost and needed to be replaced somehow.  Today, Bible scholars tend to think that the original manuscript was the ending Mark intended his story to have.  This means, as one member of our Brown Bags and Bibles group observed, that the gospel of Mark doesn’t have Christmas or Easter in it!

And yet, it is one of the four gospels.  Many scholars insist it was the first.  So, what makes it a gospel, if it contains neither of the tales that most Christians consider to be the most important part of the story?

We’re asking that question as we work our way through Mark’s gospel on Mondays at noon.  We’d love to have you come and join us and help us find that answer to that question – and learn so much more about the Christ we worship.

If that time doesn’t work for you, talk with me about when you’re available, and maybe we can get another discussion group going at another time.

It’s a story that changed the world, and that continues to change us as we read and study it together.  We hope you can join in the adventure.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Janice Mynchenberg

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