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This is the Year of Mark in our Lutheran lectionary cycle, and here at GLC it will be the center of our sermons for the next few months. Mark is generally assumed to be the earliest gospel to be written and a source used by both Matthew and Luke as they prepared to write their later versions of the story of Jesus.

Beginning with the opening verses of the gospel of Mark on January 11, we will be moving through the story from start to finish, from the baptism of Jesus to the empty tomb. We will be taking the stories in the order in which they occur. This is different from the normal lectionary pattern which focuses on seasonal themes and interrupts the flow of Mark's story with readings from the gospel of John.

The preaching schedule for the season of Epiphany is as follows:

  • Jan 11

    Mark 1:1-14

  • Jan 18

    Mark 1:21-39

  • Jan 25

    Mark 4:1-9; 21-34

  • Jan 25

    Winter Shelter program begins

  • Feb 1

    Mark 5:21-43

  • Feb 8

    Mark 6:1-16

  • Feb 8

    Winter Shelter program ends

  • Feb 15

    Mark 8:27-9:8

Dear Friends in Christ

Here at GLC we're beginning the new year with a celebration, thanks to the generosity and creativity of the national Broadway Chorus. Luke Frazier, its director, arranged for significant renovation of our parish hall. On January 11 we will be re-dedicating the room as a site not only for the ministries of this congregation but as a center for cultural arts in our community. We hope and pray that soon other groups and individuals will follow the model of the National Broadway Chorus and utilize this space for performances and exhibitions.

We're also gearing up for the Winter Shelter folks who will take up residence here the last week in January and the first week in February. There are ten individuals – male and female – who will be our guests during that time period. We will be providing meals and a warm place to sleep for them. It is a small but significant way to demonstrate our commitment to shelter all of God's children from the harsh cold of winter. (Volunteers to assist with the program meal preparation and presentation are welcome. Please contact the church office if you are interested in participating in this ministry.)

In addition to the Winter Shelter program, that commitment has been demonstrated by our congregation's decision to sign the covenant drafted by the Good Faith Coalition concerning the necessity of housing all families and individuals whose incomes fall short of the market price of homes and apartments in the DC area. Soon the Good Faith Coalition and several religious leaders will be presenting the covenant to the new DC mayor and inviting her to sign it as well.

In December we collected paper piggy banks of our pocket change to donate to the ELCA World Hunger Relief. Our empty pockets sent well over $300 to feed hungry people around the world and in the USA.

Of course we continue to offer Sunday activities. First and foremost are the worship services which take place at 8:30 and 10:00 am. We also offer an intergenerational Sunday school and choir rehearsal between the services. In February and March we will also set aside an hour after the 10:00 am worship on three different Sundays to participate in the ELCA's study of communion practices. GLC was asked to discuss why and how we practice communion in our congregation and make recommendations to the ELCA on this topic.

It sometimes amazes me when I stop and look at all that we are involved in here at GLC. God has given us many blessings over the years, and it's wonderful to see that we are taking advantages of opportunities to pass those blessings on to others. Won't you come and share the joy?

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Janice Mynchenberg

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