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You are welcome to worship with us at GLC on Sunday mornings. Whether attending our more informal half-hour service at 8:30 a.m. or the traditional service at 10:00 a.m., visitors are warmly welcomed.

Worship is alive at Georgetown Lutheran. Within our nearly 100 year-old Sanctuary surrounded by Tiffany-style stained-glass windows, oak ceiling beams, historic liturgical furnishings, and baroque-style tracker organ, we worship as a commitment to Christ in order to be equipped by God's word and nourished at his table. We worship to celebrate his presence among us.

At Georgetown Lutheran Church we're off on a journey of faith as we travel toward the promised land by way of the book of Exodus. Our preaching schedule for this adventure runs from late Aug through the month of October.

  • Aug 24

    Exodus 1:8-2:10 - God answers the cry of the people

  • Aug 31

    Exodus 3:1-15 - The famous burning bush

  • Sep 7

    Exodus 13:17-22 - The journey begins

  • Sep 14

    Exodus 14:19-31 - Crossing the Red Sea

  • Sep 21

    Exodus 16:2-15 - Manna in the wilderness

  • Sep 28

    Exodus 17:1-7 - Water comes from stone

  • Oct 5

    Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20 - The ten Commandments

  • Oct 12

    Exodus 32:1-14 - The incident of the golden calf

  • Oct 19

    Exodus 33:12-23 - Moses sees God's glory

  • Oct 26

    Deuteronomy 34:1-12 - The story comes full circle"

Dear Friends in Christ

As the spring season rushes toward the summer, many of us will be caught up in a variety of life passages. May and June are traditionally the most popular months for weddings, graduations, job changes, moving to new locations, and so many more important events that have the potential to change our lives from top to bottom.

They are also a time for celebrating family life on Mother's and Father's Day. These can be occasions joyful family gatherings and gift-giving. They can also be sad times for those who are grieving the death of their parents -- or their children. And they are often painful times for families caught up in turmoil and conflict -- of their own creation or caused by forces beyond their control.

And on holidays like Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July, we often pause to remember those who have made great sacrifices of their time, their talents, and their very lives as citizens dedicated to the well-being of a country that believes in a democratic ideal that cherishes the worth of every man, woman, and child in our life together.

It is a good time to remind ourselves that we all have different life experiences, and that we all need someone to listen to -- and care about -- our life stories. All the ups and downs, the exciting twists of fate and the frightening turns of events, the amazing love and the heartbreaking loneliness of our days -- every moment is an opportunity to share ourselves with others or to seek comfort or escape in isolation.

The God we worship is a deity to whom relationships are immensely significant. God's very nature -- one being in three distinct persons -- is an image of differing entities in perfect balance and harmony one with the other. God is often identified not by a single name, but as a participant in some kind of relationship: "the God of Abraham and Sarah," "the Lord of hosts," "the Father of Jesus Christ," "the Son of David." The list of such descriptions goes on and on. So we know that God cares deeply about whatever is happening in our relationships with one another -- and in our relationship with God's very self.

In all the life passages that we enjoy or endure this year, I hope we will take the time to lift them to our God in prayer and find the grace God longs to pour out upon us in those frequent communications between our selves and our steadfastly faithful God.


Pastor Janice Mynchenberg

Upcoming Worship

Every Sunday
8:30am Informal half-hour service
9:00am Sunday School for Children
(Sep to May)
10:00am Traditional service with music

Holy Communion is celebrated at all worship services every Sunday of the month. Children are always welcome at all of our worship services.

Service Times & Directions

Year-Round: Spoken Service of Holy Communion (8:30-9:00am)

Sunday School for children ages 3 & up 9:00am - 9:45am

Full Liteurgy Holy Communion Services 10:00am - 11:00am

Nursery for children Infant-4 years available Exceptions to these service times will be posted in advance.

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