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The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 18. Georgetown Lutheran Church will hold services at 12:15 pm and 7:30 pm. Each will offer time for reflections and confession, the imposition of ashes, and the meal of holy communion.

This is the Year of Mark in our Lutheran lectionary cycle, and here at GLC it will be the center of our sermons for the next few months. Mark is generally assumed to be the earliest gospel to be written and a source used by both Matthew and Luke as they prepared to write their later versions of the story of Jesus.

Beginning with the opening verses of the gospel of Mark on January 11, we will be moving through the story from start to finish, from the baptism of Jesus to the empty tomb. We will be taking the stories in the order in which they occur. This is different from the normal lectionary pattern which focuses on seasonal themes and interrupts the flow of Mark's story with readings from the gospel of John.

The preaching schedule for the season of Epiphany is as follows:

  • Apr 24, 25

    French Market Day in Georgetown. Church open to visitors

  • May 10

    GRATE Patrol Sunday

  • May 12

    7:15 pm Church Council meeting

  • May 17

    Last day of Sunday School

  • May 24

    9:00 am How to Build a Church (Adult Bible study on the Book of Acts)

Dear Friends in Christ

Here at Georgetown Lutheran Church our Easter season will be centered in the theme of “Practicing Resurrection.”

We Christians are a people who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ as more than a single historical event. We believe that this sacred death and resurrection opened the way to eternal life after our physical deaths – and so much more. It also ushered in a new way to live here and now, day by day. The world we inhabit is broken and troubled in many ways – but we Christians are called to witness to the truth and power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the midst of suffering and distress.

It’s not a task that comes naturally to us. Nor is it an easy undertaking. Our enthusiasm and strength may wax and wane for a variety of reasons. We need to learn the art of resurrection living and dying and rising again -- and teach the wisdom we’ve gained to others.

“Practice makes perfect,” they say. We need to devote time and energy to practice any skill or habit that we want incorporate into our daily life. And so, here at Georgetown Lutheran Church, we will spend the 7 weeks of the Easter season practicing what it’s like to live into the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In our Sunday sermons, we will explore many of the appearances that Jesus made to his disciples between the time he left his tomb and the moment he ascended into heaven. What were the priorities and practices of his resurrected life? How were they different, how were they the same as those of his life before death? We will ponder what they teach us about our faith and how the choices we make each day demonstrate – or fail to demonstrate -- our commitment to the abundant life God longs to give to all people.

We will continue to be engaged in Bible study and service with a new awareness of the messages our words and deeds convey to one another and to people outside of our own community. How do we reflect the God we worship in speech and action? How does the way we conduct ourselves display the truth of the resurrection?

And we will endeavor to enrich our prayer life as individuals and as a faith community. We will experience different ways to carry on a holy conversation with God, ourselves, and the world around us. We will practice the ancient art of discernment as we look for the intersections that show us what God is calling us to be and to do, personally and collectively.

It should be a spiritually rich and exciting time in the life of this congregation and its members and friends. Won’t you come and practice resurrection with us?

Rev. Dr. Janice Mynchenberg

Upcoming Worship

Every Sunday
8:30am Informal half-hour service
9:00am Intergenerational Sunday School
(Sep to May)
10:00am Traditional service with music

Holy Communion is celebrated at all worship services every Sunday of the month. Children are always welcome at all of our worship services.

Service Times & Directions

Year-Round: Spoken Service of Holy Communion (8:30-9:00am)

Intergenerational Sunday School for families and adults 9:00am - 9:45am

Full Liteurgy Holy Communion Services 10:00am - 11:00am

Nursery room for children Infant-4 years available Exceptions to these service times will be posted in advance.

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